Often asked: When Is Autumn In Korea?

When should I visit autumn in Korea?

In Korea, autumn falls in the months of September, October, and November. Offering clear cool and crisp weather and the beautiful autumn foliage, autumn is the best time to visit Korea. The best times to see the autumn leaves in Korea are October and November, and the peak season only lasts up to two weeks.

What month is the autumn in Korea?

The best time of year to visit South Korea is generally considered to be the spring months of April, May & June, and the autumn months of September, October & November. During these two seasons days are typically sunny and dry with comfortable average temperatures.

Is it cold in autumn in Korea?

Autumn usually starts in October in South Korea. The weather is warm during the day and becomes cold in the evening. Therefore, it’s important to understand that day-to-night temperature fluctuates significantly; for that reason, many Koreans catch a cold during this time.

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How cold is autumn in South Korea?

The temperatures during autumn are pretty cool, usually in the range of low 20°C in the beginning and reaching about 10°C towards the end of the season…

What clothes to wear in Korea in autumn?

2. What To Wear In Korea During Autumn

  • T-shirts.
  • Long sleeve tops.
  • Light Jacket.
  • Warm sweater.
  • Scarf & hat.
  • Jeans.
  • Boots or sneakers.
  • Warm socks.

What should I wear in Korea in autumn season?

The cooler temperatures of autumn bring back the need for dressing in layers. Daytime highs still peak into the twenties in September and October, so you should be able to get away with short-sleeve shirts and light pants. In the evenings, things get a little chillier.

What is there to do in South Korea in autumn?

10 Most unique places to visit during autumn in Korea

  1. Conquer the trails of Seoraksan National Park.
  2. Take in stunning natural views at Bukhansan.
  3. Go on a waterfall adventure at Naejangsan National Park.
  4. Fans of K-Drama will feel like movie stars on Nami Island.

Is November a good time to visit Seoul?

The best times to visit Seoul are from March to May and from September to November, when the weather is mild (average daily high temperatures stay below the mid-70s) and travel expenses are low. During these months, Seoul is uncomfortably humid and full of tourists.

How cold is it in Korea in October?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 13°F, from 73°F to 60°F, rarely falling below 51°F or exceeding 79°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 12°F, from 58°F to 46°F, rarely falling below 36°F or exceeding 64°F.

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What should I not wear in Korea?

The not-so-good news: you should leave any cleavage-baring tops, spaghetti straps, and back-bearing shirts at home. While these sort of tops are more common in some areas in Seoul home to a younger crowd, such as Hongdae, these pieces of clothing will get you extra negative attention elsewhere.

Is Seoul cold in October?

October in Seoul is very mild as far as temperatures are concerned. The average monthly temperature is 13°C, with daytime averages of 18°C and nighttime averages of 7°C. The chances of rain in Seoul in October significantly decline to an average of 20%. Rainfall totals average only 52mm, a sharp fall from September.

How cold is Korea in September?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 8°F, from 81°F to 73°F, rarely falling below 66°F or exceeding 87°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 11°F, from 69°F to 58°F, rarely falling below 52°F or exceeding 74°F.

What is the coldest month in South Korea?

January is the coldest month in Seoul, often with the lowest temperatures, almost always dropping below -10 °C (14 °F), and sometimes below -15 °C (5 °F).

What is the best month to go to Korea?

The best time to visit South Korea is between March and May if you want to see the vibrant pink of the cherry blossoms in bloom. If you want to see the landscapes come alive as the leaves change in the cooler weathers, then we’d recommend visiting between September and November.

What season is it in Korea right now?

There is a monsoon season that occurs from late June to mid-July, otherwise Korea has 4 seasons: Spring (middle of March to the end of May); Summer (June to August); Autumn (September to November) and Winter (Dec to middle of March). Korea have cold and dry winter, and hot and wet summer.

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