FAQ: What Is Mandatory Military Service In Korea?

Does BTS have to do military service?

The South Korean government has said that the mandatory enlistment of BTS for military service will be delayed if they submit an application. This comes as BTS member Jin turns 30 next year. All able-bodied Korean male between the age of 18-28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about two years.

Do foreigners have to do military service in Korea?

No. Foreigners who have got the Korean nationality do not have to compulsory military service in Korea. It is optional.

What happens if you refuse military service in South Korea?

South Korea has imprisoned more conscientious objectors than any other country. Its Military Service Act requires up to three years in prison for those who refuse the draft without “justifiable” reasons.

Is Korean mandatory military service paid?

Conscript soldiers in South Korea, who are without exception young men doing their mandatory military service for a period of around 18 to 20 months, are paid between 450 and 609 thousand South Korean won in 2021.

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Is BTS going to military together in 2022?

Member Suga is second in line for military enlistment Jin is already safe till the end of 2021 because of enrolment in an online graduate program, which legally allows a one-year delay. However, without another postponement granted by the government, he will have to join in 2022.

How do I join the BTS army?

All you have to do to start is log in to BTS’ artist store on the Weverse Shop app (using the same user ID as the one you use on Weverse) and click on the “Membership” tab. After that, you’ll be asked to enter in all the personal info and registration details necessary to enroll in the ARMY Fanclub.

How long is Korean military?

South Korea’s 18-month military service is among the world’s longest, following the two years served in Singapore and Thailand, plus the roughly three years required of Israeli men. North Korea is believed to have the longest conscription—a decade for men and seven years for women.

Does a Korean American have to go to military?

South Korean men over the age of 18, including American citizens of Korean descent, are subject to compulsory military service. All Korean males who were born in the U.S. to Korean parents but are not registered in the Korean Family Registrar are not subject to the military duty.

What age does Korean go to military?

Age of Enlistment Once a Korean male turns 18 (Korean age), his compulsory service in the military comes into effect. However, they do not have to start their service immediately. It’s possible to delay the starting date until the age of 28.

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Why do all Korean actors go to military?

This is because Korean law requires its male citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 to serve in the military, and famous Hallyu stars and idols are no exception.

Will Baekhyun go to military?

Baekhyun has been enlisted into the military On April 2nd, Baekhyun and SM Entertainment announced that he would soon be starting his compulsory military service. He will complete three weeks of basic training before enlisting as a social worker. His enlistment begins in May 6th, which is also his birthday.

Do all Korean guys go to the military?

All able-bodied Korean men aged between 18 and 28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months. Prior to the revision on Tuesday, military service exemptions or deferrals had been given to high-profile athletes and classical musicians.

Can you use phone in Korean military?

Since April last year, South Korea has allowed all draftees to use mobile phones on a trial basis to monitor possible side effects. Previously, the military had banned their mobile phone use inside camps citing security reasons.

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