FAQ: How Much Are Kpop Albums In Korea?

Are K-Pop albums cheaper in Korea?

K-Pop albums are usually cheaper in Korea because there are no shipping fees, but there’s a store that takes this to the next level. They had new albums from popular artists, such as SEVENTEEN being sold at a discounted price.

Is BTS merch cheap in Korea?

They sell BTS and BT21 x Mediheal on literally every street corner. I have noticed the prices in drug stores varying from 21 000 KRW to 9 000 KRW (clearance pricing). Overall, I feel like the merchandise is relatively well priced and definitely cheaper than you will get it anywhere online.

How much money does K-Pop bring to Korea?

THE SPILL-OVER EFFECT Korean economy has grown richer over the last two decades and the export of K-pop has propelled the South Korea’s music to an estimated $5 billion (Rs 34,500 crore) industry, according to a report published in the Korea Creative Content Agency in 2017.

Are K-Pop albums valuable?

K-Pop has exploded in popularity. With that, so has the value of certain hard to find albums. Even though K-Pop has become hugely popular and a lot of their albums and merchandise are sold widely around the world, there are still some albums that are a little more difficult to find and can go for hundreds of dollars.

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Why are BTS CD’s so expensive?

If you compare the thickness of it with other albums, it will probably be double or even triple the thickness of the other ones. So, they make it more expensive.

Why are KPOP Japanese albums so expensive?

If you’ve already done some research into buying Japanese CDs, you have probably noticed that they are considerably more expensive than CDs in other countries. One reason is that the distribution chain of CDs in Japan involves many middlemen, which drives up the cost of production.

What does BT21 have to do with BTS?

It is a new IP co-created by LINE FRIENDS and BTS. Rather than simply creating avatars of the physical appearance of artists, BT21 consists of 8 different charming characters created by BTS members, where all of them actively participated in the whole process from drawing sketches to elaboration.”

How much do Lightsticks cost in Korea?

The average is between 15 and 30 depending on the features and designs. That is also before shipping fees or if its sold outside of Korea. For example, BTS’ light stick v3 costed $25 usd before shipping, shipping made it cost $55. Had I been in Korea, I would have only paid maybe $30?

What is BTS salary?

BTS’ net worth as a group: US$50 million According to Forbes, as of June 2020, BTS had estimated earnings of US$50 million for the year, making them the 47th highest-paid celebrities in the world.

What is the BTS effect?

According to a government-affiliated Korea Foundation, it was reported that BTS lead a 22% increase of Korean Hallyu fans worldwide in 2018 (Korean Hallyu means the increase in popularity of Korean music, films, TV shows and language).

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Do South Koreans listen to Kpop?

Definitely, Korean younger generations overwhelmingly love to listen to K-pop music as similar to other Asian young generations.

What is the rarest BTS photocard?

BTS Jungkook’s Photocard is the Most Expensive K-Pop Photocard ever sold at a whopping $3,213.

Is it worth buying a BTS album?

It’s nothing really special. BTS albums are beautiful and fun to collect but the concept photos are online and you can listen to the music online. I mostly bought the album for the little goodies like Photocards, stickers, postcards, etc. I’d say it’s worth it if you like collecting all things BTS.

What can I do with extra Kpop albums?

Other than listening to them you can do this:

  • Organize them buy color, artist, name of album, how much they cost, etc.
  • You can spin a wheel to see which one to listen too.
  • You can take out any photos cards a arrange them buy the name of each idol.
  • You can hang up the photo cards or put them in a clear phone case.

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