Question: How Old Is Asia Monet Ray?

How old is Bella Blu Ray?

Asia is now focusing on a singing career. These days, the 15-year-old is prioritizing a music career, as she released her single “Real Life” in 2019 and frequently posts song covers on her YouTube page to nearly 500,000 subscribers.

How old is Jojo?

These days, Asia doesn’t seem to dance as much anymore, but she’s moved on to other passions. She vlogs her daily life for her nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers and also uploads song covers.

How tall is Bella Ray?

Bella Blu’s height is 5 ft. Bella Blu’s weight is 40 kg.

How old is Paige Hyland now?

Bella Blu Ray is Asia’s younger sister. She herself is a dancer and a gymnast.

How old is Coco Quinn today?

Coco Quinn was born on 7 June 2008. Coco Quinn is 13 years old.

Who is Lilly’s best friend?

She has a older brother name Caden born in 2005. She begin dancing when she was 2 & started competing when she was 4. In March 2016 when she was 7 she was cast in the reality TV show Dance moms when she met her three best friends Brynn Rumfallo, Elliana Walmsley & Alexus Oladi.

How old is Lilliana ketchup?

Lilliana Ketchman was born on 23 June 2008. Lilliana Ketchman is 13 years old.

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