Question: How Many Asia Miles From Toronto To Hong Kong?

How much is Asia Miles worth?

Asia Miles are valued at an average of 1.2 cents when used for award flights, but can be worth more or less depending on the cabin class and distance of the flight. Outside of flight awards, miles can also be used for hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and more.

What can you do with Asia Miles?

If you ‘ve purchased a First or Business class ticket, you can use your Asia Miles to redeem a companion ticket for anyone. Fly in extra comfort in Economy Class by redeeming seats that offer you more personal space. Travel in style by using your miles to upgrade your ticket to the next higher cabin class.

How do I upgrade to Cathay Pacific with Asia Miles?

How can I redeem Asia Miles? If you are redeeming flight awards, Upgrades Awards or Companion Ticket Awards with Cathay Pacific, log on to, then redeem and book your flights through the Online Booking Service.

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Which airline uses Asia Miles?

Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based airline that offers service to major cities around the world. Its loyalty program — Asia Miles — is operated as a subsidiary of the company and has partnerships with various airlines, including all Oneworld carriers, Air Canada and more.

How much is 40000 miles worth?

On average, 40,000 miles are worth about $400.

Do Asia Miles expire?

Do Asia Miles Points Expire? Historically, Asia Miles expired after 3 years of inactivity, regardless of any activity.

Can I transfer Asia Miles to another airline?

While you cannot transfer miles directly to another member’s account, you can use your Asia Miles to redeem awards for your Redemption Group Nominees.

How does Asia Miles make money?

Asia Miles is a loyalty and frequent-flyer program launched by Cathay Pacific. Launched in February 1999, it allows members to earn miles by making different purchases with co-branded credit cards or on partnered flights, hotels, dining, financial services, retail, and technology products and services.

Can I use Asia Miles to buy a ticket for someone else?

Can I use my Asia Miles to redeem an Asia Miles Travel Services hotel, car rental or experience award for someone else? Yes, you can redeem a hotel, car rental or experience award for anyone in your redemption group.

How do I upgrade to business class on Cathay Pacific?

If you want to upgrade to business class, you need to buy a W or R Premium Economy fare if your flight has Premium Economy, or a Y, B, H, K, or M fare class if your flight doesn’t have Premium Economy. Since many of Cathay Pacific’s international flights offer Premium Economy, we will focus on flights that do.

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How do I upgrade my Cathay Pacific flight?

How it works

  1. Step 1: Check your flight eligibility. Upgrade Bid is available on selected routes – verify your flight eligibility by providing your booking information in the panel below.
  2. Step 2: Place a bid to move one cabin class higher. You’ll see the strength of your offer while bidding.
  3. Step 3: Enjoy your upgrade.

How many miles is business class?

Business Class: 25,000 miles (15,000 miles for flights shorter than 500 miles) First Class: 50,000 miles.

Is Air Canada part of Asia Miles?

Asia Miles Chief Executive Officer Stephen S. Y. Wong said: “We are pleased to welcome Air Canada as our newest Asia Miles airline partner. Canada is a popular destination for our members and we believe this new partnership can make travel within Canada more rewarding.

How can I earn Asia Miles in Singapore?

Since it’s essentially a rewards programme, the default way for members to earn Asia Miles is by flying with CX and their partner airlines. Signing up for Asia Miles makes total sense if you frequently fly on Cathay Pacific and/or OneWorld alliance – for example, if you often shuttle between Singapore and Hong Kong.

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